Local & self-sufficient

3. Local, self-sufficient and controllable


Importing fuel or crude oil means an outflow of foreign currency and is a strain on the balance of trade. In addition, it creates dependencies on countries of origin, transport paths and other geopolitical or logistical problem situations.

Fuel production can take place locally and can therefore do without the need for transport paths within the country.

Mattmark Stausee, Strahlhorn, Saasertal, Wallis, Schweiz Mattmark water supply dam, Strahlhorn, Saasertal, Wallis, Switzerland

Importing bio-based and synthetic fuels requires proof of origin for the biomasses or input materials that are used. Checks are in some cases difficult across borders with regard to customs law. Within a country’s own territory, the climate-neutral origin is transparent and comprehensible for the executive and prevents liability of the importer for possibly incorrect customs declarations (demands for back taxes on oil).