The environmentally friendly and patented Silicon-Fire® technology is today the sole industrially available and saleable technology for fuel production (power-to-liquid: methanol) without transmission losses directly to power plants.

In several countries, profitability of SLF installations is achieved without CO2-compensation programmes or/and government subsidies. The technology is already economic and competitive today with petrol-based fuels.


Technical data of a standardised SLF 15 Swiss Liquid Future®-system:

  • Daily production of 15,000 litres of fuel
  • Annual production of 5,000,000 litres
  • 1’500 m2 installation area thanks to compact modular construction
  • 6 MW connected load
  • 50 GWh current storage p.a.
  • 6000 tonnes direct CO2 capture p.a.
  • Replaces petrol for more than 50 million automobile kilometers P.A.  – 5 liters fuel consumption / 100 km

The process uses direct synthesis from hydrogen and CO2 and with its single level is thus more efficient than previously used multilevel processes. In addition, the low-pressure and low-temperature process enables easily scaleable, low-maintenance and comparably low-priced system construction.

A significant advantage of power-to-liquid is the pressurised final product. This enables economic use as fuel locally and decentrally with the use of existing infrastructure, even without pipelines, pressure tanks or gas networks.


Input materials::

  • CO2 (in particular biogenic or waste-CO2)
  • Water

Process advantages:

  • Thermic waste heat (heat recovery implemented)
  • Two input materials (hydrogen, CO2), one product (methanol), no material intermediate steps


  • Methanol (MeOH)
  • Additional downstream conversions into other fuels possible, as soon as economic efficiency is given
  • Methanol is a pure industrial alcohol, dissolves completely in water and is therefore much more environmentally friendly than petrol-based liquids in the event of accidents

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