The company

Swiss Liquid Future AG (SLF) is a privately controlled joint stock company registered in Meggen, Switzerland, Lucerne canton.

The company was founded in 2005 and is an industrial technology developer / operating licensor for production facilities for storing CO2 in renewable fuel, above all for use in means of transport and stationary drives.

The value chain worked out by the company allows partners along this chain to position and realise products and services with long-term contracts in a climate-friendly way in this strongly growing market.

In addition, Swiss Liquid Future enables institutional and qualified investors to participate in this infrastructure investment via financing partners and banks.

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The cognition

„In the long run, the natural laws of physics and chemistry are stronger than ever as perfect marketing and politics"

The idea

„Electricity can be liquid as well." CO2 neutral mobility for petrol engines, PHEV, shipping.

„A refinery must be economic on a small scale as well"

„We give everything for regional products."
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