2. Fuels

In accordance with the European fuel standard EN 228 and Directive 2009/30/EC, three per cent volume additive can be added to fossil petrol. Up to five per cent is possible in the USA, and in China 15% (fossil) methanol shares are normal.

Adding H2-Methanol® saves the emissions from approx. 600 tonnes CO2 of fossil origin per one million litres of methanol.


In addition to mixing, plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), range extended electric vehicles (BEVx) and vessels can be operated with greater proportions of methanol (15% to 85%).

Silicon-Fire-Cubes1In the case of PHEVs and BEVx the methanol can be carried in the tank in addition to the battery, or distributed by means of reusable cartridges (Cubes®) – through filling stations and other outlets.

Renewable energy is packed into Silicon Fire Cubes® and can therefore be transported by anyone.


For the purpose of climate protection, legislators have stipulated exemption from mineral oil tax for fuels with a renewable origin. The fuel market experiences stabilisation of production or import costs for fuels through H2-Methanol®; even with increasing mineral oil taxes, duties, transport costs or crude oil prices.

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